Finally made a video for 2013! Welcome to 2013, guys!


I made this blog for a freaking reason: money.

That’s not true; I like to communicate with my followers.

Figured I’d send out an update.


WOO! Finally, Isaac, a new video! The first in a month! Presenting… RANDOM GAME WEDNESDAY 019! AIRMECH BETA!

New RGW that I rushed to get out!

Sim City - 10 Minutes of Gameplay Released!

Figured I’d take a break from doing homework to hype up about the new Sim City! I’ve been somewhat excited about this game for the last few months, keeping it in the back of my head. The reason I haven’t been freaking out about this, because I really am looking forward to this game, is because it’s going to release in February next year. That’s still nearly 6 months off. Luckily, today they released something to get me going about the game: a 10 minute gameplay. The link is to a YouTube video I found of it, but I’m pretty sure it’s stolen for some other channel. Either way, this is the one I watched and got excited about. Note: I did not listen to the commentary of it, but still understood what was going on.

I got home to find an email from EA saying that Closed Beta registration is open, so I hopped on that, filled out a survey, and hopefully I’ll get in. I am hyped up now for this. So many new things, like the graphics. The graphics look beautiful. And the gameplay is the good old concept, but with so many added features. They made power-source customization on one plot. They made really custom roads. They made water and power automatically flow along roads, which is great, because it was just a hassle to do piping and wiring before! They also made it so you can follow around specific sims. Watch someone live in the same house, go to the same job, all that. It’s not just repeating tiles anymore! And the developments (residential, commercial, industrial) look great; it auto-sizes the plots along the road, which is now required. In the video they plop down a casino, right next to a train station. You can see all the people get off from wherever nearby and head over to the casino.

I’ll probably be talking about this more soon. Who knows, maybe an RGW of Sim City 3000 to get pumped up for the new one.

Thanks for reading this. I should do blogs more often.

BTW, if you missed that video link up there.

Buh bye, Aye Ayes.

New MC video out! Woo!

The winners of the 200 Subscriber Giveaway are announced!

Congrats to Torachan1993 for winning the grand prize: Humble Indie Bundle 6

And also Dubstep4Vids for winning the secondary-ish prize: Torchlight!

Finally a new Minecraft video. Bout time, self. MC007. Endermen attack.

Random Game Wednesday number 017!

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD is extremely fun and I’ll be doing a fuller gameplay of it next week!

I reached 200 subscribers! Just comment and you might win one of these two games!


I hit 200 subscribers yesterday! I’m happy!

Random Game Wednesday 016! Garry’s Mod 13 Beta + Some evil coder = Me trying to run up a hill while getting hit in the leg fatally by pop cans.

It’s not all that troublesome in Terrorist Town! See?

Double Video Wednesday!

That’s right! Two, yes, Two new videos today. Both Random. Both Gaming. :D (Second one above)

New Minecraft gameplay! Custom Thumbnails! Enjoy!